What is Brokkr Labs?

We at Brokkr Labs are a team of experienced DevOps, Cyber Security, Automation, and AWS professionals, currently based out of Raleigh, North Carolina and Norman, Oklahoma; who came together with a vision. A vision for a company that tailors to bespoke consulting and tech services to address clients’ individual cloud, security, automation and devops needs.

We understand that not all companies, particularly organizations just starting out, may not have the knowledge and experience necessary to build a cost effective, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure to meet their needs. Our experienced team of architects and engineers can help your organization over those hurdles and reach new heights.

Along with this vision, is what we are calling, Brokkr’s Forge. Brokkr’s Forge is centralized modular way to manage technical engineering resources for processional services and consulting firms, and integrate with industry tools to facilitate project kickoff and management, with additional modules already in the coals and on the anvil, as well as in our product road map. These products and services will help take your projects, cloud applications, and AWS cloud infrastructure to the next level with point and click automation, continuous security monitoring, and operational ease.

While the Forge is getting heated up and ready for use, stay tuned for further updates about our services and offerings.

Brokkr Labs, where digital excellence is forged.

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